Art wasn’t made to move, it was meant to hang on a wall or rest on a pedestal. When you are challenged to find solutions to make the improbable practical, you contact the experts, you call on Atelier 4.

Moving Art Forward

New York

The flagship operation established in 1989


Established 2009

Los Angeles

Established 2011


Established 2018


The shortest distance between two points and the least amount of handling.

Entire exhibitions, traveling shows, fulfillment for sold art works, museum loans, acquisitions, art fairs and relocation via climate controlled vehicles and our network of airline and overseas partners.



  • Licensed Customs Brokerage
  • Time Sensitive Clearances
  • Courier Assistance
  • Security Escorts
  • IATA Accredited Agent
  • Expedited Air Freight
  • TSA Approved Cargo Screening
  • US Fish & Wildlife Permits
  • CITES Clearances
  • Supervision
  • Tarmac Security
  • ATA Carnet
  • International Network

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Not just a roof over your head.

The care and custody of fine art does not end with the provision of fire proof construction and climate controlled vaults, it involves careful planning, positioning above flood planes, acceptance by the insurance industry and discretion. Our customers value privacy and our storage management team keep vigilant watch over your property.

Storage Options

  • Temperature control
  • Humidity control
  • Private vault
  • Managed storage
  • Viewing room
  • Registration services
  • Collection management
  • Photography
  • Conservation

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The objects speak to us, they tell us what sort of packing they require.

From a foundation in proven techniques to an ongoing dialogue with industry experts and academics, we continue to evolve and improve our packing methods. We also collaborate with clients who have firmly established their own guidelines so that we can build to their specifications.

Packing Options

  • Touring cases
  • Basic crates
  • Travel frames
  • Skeleton crates
  • Archival soft-packing

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Your vision realized...A well executed plan.

Often times, the final step in the logistics process is the installation. We work with you to optimize the visual impact of your collection. 

Installation Options

  • Residential
  • Institutional
  • Corporate
  • Art Fair
  • Biennale

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