In service of international logistics, Atelier 4’s in-house packing and crating offer custom fabrication of travel cases to museum specifications that  are compliant with worldwide restrictions on wood use standards as outlined by International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). Our design team will work with project managers and clients to arrive at creative solutions for unusual objects. As the industry is introduced to new and better materials, our team stays up to date with the latest designs in travel frames, touring cases and isothermal crates.

Wood Packing Restrictions

There are many nations that restrict the use of untreated wood that is possibly contaminated with a pest posing an agricultural threat. Atelier 4 is a participant in a program allowing it to stamp its shipping crates certifying that they are compliant with laws governing the use of lumber that is debarked and heat treated.

IPPC International Standard for Wood Packaging
United States Department of Agriculture
Package Research Laboratory
Inspection Basics